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"Works perfectly on my desk looks nice and charges my phone, air pods, and watch. You only need one power cord which is great. Very compact size does not take up a lot of room in my desk."

 - AMANDA ARTHUR, Verified Buyer

If you have many devices or live in a big family, charging them at once is a headache. You might be struggling with the messy charging cords or having arguments with those who are using up all the sockets. And, it is a hassle when you're traveling as you need to bring different types of chargers along!

The solution? Meet the MaxPower Charging Station, a convenient and smart way to recharge your devices with just a single cable. Say goodbye to the messy thread and the various sockets that are taking up the spaces!

Why will the MaxPower Charging Station change your life?  

✅ Minimalist lifestyle - The charging station can charge up to 4 devices at once. You don't have to buy the extra cable for each device anymore, which means you can save money, and, have a clean looking desk.

✅ Convenient to carry - With the foldable and portable design, you can slip it in your backpack and take it to the office, home, or while you are traveling

✅ Improve productivity - The adjustable metal bracket can hold your phone at a comfortable angle. Allows you to scroll your phone or have Face Time and Skype in hands-free interaction.



✅ Perfect Decoration- With a compact and elegant appearance, it can stand out in your bedroom or desk easily. ( No more cables that are tied up together and make you stress).

✅ Fast & Safe Charging - Built-in with high-efficiency, advanced chips. MaxPower has temperature control and overvoltage protection that significantly improved the charging speed.

✅ Compatible - Switching to Android from Apple or vice versa? You don't have to get a different cable. MaxPower supports most Apple and Android devices.

We know the struggle when dealing with the cables, the limited port that stop us from charging up the devices efficiently. With MaxPower, you will realize charging multiple devices had never been that easy and cool.

Ask yourself: Are you still willing to deal with the messy cables every day? Do you like to bring tons of cables and sockets that taking up the spaces in your bag while you're traveling? With MaxPower, none of these problems will exist in your life anymore.

Get the MaxPower Charging Station by hitting the green "BUY IT NOW"button while stock lasts!

Package Included 

1 * Wireless Charging Station
1 * User Manual
1 *  USB Type - C Cable (wall adapter not included)

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