UG™ Knitted Winter Beanie Bundle

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This winter set is so warm and comfortable! I love the mask that can cover my face so that my nose and teeth don't feel freezing. Fleece lining is a great added touch too! It is so pleased to have them on while traveling! If you are looking for stylish, cozy outerwear, I can’t recommend UG™ xxx enough.

ERICA, Verified Buyer✅

Hey, have you dealt with these problems in the winter months? You wear the thickest, warmest coat when getting out, but you might still catch a cold; your face and lips are getting dry, and the mucus is flowing out of your nose. Why? That is because you didn’t cover your neck and face area well!

If you’re suffered from this, you’re on the right page. Introducing the UG ““xxx: A trinity winter set that comes in a beanie, mask, and scarf that ensure you are well protected from the cold months. It is handwoven with the finest cotton that provides you a warm and cozy sensation. With the mask design, you don't have to pull over the scarf over your face anymore!

Why will the UG™ Knitted Winter Bundle change your life?

Keep you warm from all angles - The thick and super soft texture fleece Lining will provide you with extra warmth and comfort compared to other materials. With the 3 pieces bundle, your neck, face, and head will be fully secure when exposed in the cold.

Great for asthma - It is challenging for an asthma patient to breathe in the cold air. We know the pain, so we design the mask to ensure your face can be fully protected while going out in cold weather.

Prevent dry skin - Your skin can get dehydrated very soon if the wind hits on your face. It will cause dry skin and cracked lips, which will make you extremely uncomfortable. With the mask coming with the xx, it will fully protect your face, and the evil wind will cause no harm to you.

Fashionable look - Sick of the dull and plain outerwear? This winter set will enhance your appearance with a unique and colorful design; hence, give you an elegant look than the others.

Convenient -  It is not an easy task to find the perfect apparel separately. Stop wasting your time and money by getting this trinity bundle that can fit your needs all at once!

We know the pain and struggle when traveling during the chilly winter months: The stiff feeling on the face, the peeling on the lips, runny nose caused by the wind, etc...  Today, you meet the perfect solution to end the suffering! With the UG xxx, you can be going out without worries, not only it'll give you a warm and cozy feeling, but the mask will also provide absolute protection on your face. You will soon realize you're missing out on the comfort all these years!

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