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"We use this every night before bedtime. It helps put my LO to sleep 😴 the Bluetooth setting is a bonus because we play lullabies every night to soothe our LO. All the different slides it comes with are so cute."

 - MELODY, Verified Buyer ✅

Sleep is vital for our health and well-being. It allows the body to be recharged and ready for the next day. You know how the performance will drop if you didn't sleep well. So, as parents, it is important to make sure your children are getting enough sleep too.

Let's meet the Universe Glows™ Projector: It will turn the darkroom into a beautiful starry sky with music and get your child to the sweetest dream ever.

How will the Universe Glows™ Projector change you and your children's life?

✅ 2 in 1 nightlight - Sometimes, you need to focus without any fancy light. We got you. This projector can work as a nightlight as well by providing you with a warm, static light.

✅ Perfect for any celebrations - Want to celebrate someone's birthday, Christmas, or other special occasions? There are six different forms of film available in the nightlight that will cater to your needs. You can charge it anywhere with a USB cable, don't worry about running out of battery!

✅ Calm the mind - Children afraid to sleep in the dark? With the night light, you can set the duration between 15/30/60 minutes and let it run: They will forget the burden or fear in their mind, and it will bring your loved one to a peaceful sleep.

✅ Play any music - Children having trouble falling asleep? Lights up the projector: In the glowing sky; play the lullabies with the Bluetooth connection, and watch them fall asleep to their fantasy world.

✅ Improve your relationship -  Nothing is more important than a heart to heart conversation. Need to talk with your loved one? Sets the lights up, turns the calming music on, and the world is yours at the moment. 

✅ Easy to control - With the simple 3 buttons interface, you can control the rotation and light easily on the projector. For more options, you can control it with the remote controller too.

✅ Improve imagination - While staring at the night sky, the mind is in a relaxed state. It allows the child to explore and spark their imagination. Immerse your baby in the galaxy; it is beneficial for their creation of creativity.

✅ Enhance the room - It turns the dim dark room into a beautiful view at night. Your room will be filled with the twinkle star, mysterious universe, and other beautiful scenes available in the night light.

We know it can be frustrating to have your sleep regularly disturbed and then find yourself having to rush around in the morning because your children's late getting up or having to deal with their emotion who's low on sleep. But, you can end the pain.

With the Universe Glows™ Projector, it will calm your children's mind down before bed. It brings the glowing star sky to them: By looking at it, all the stress and thought in mind will be flushed out; they will slowly emerge in the beautiful sky and explore the mystery of it. Eventually, they will fall into the dream with a sweet smile and you can enjoy the undisrupted sleep since then.

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Universe Glows™ Projector
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