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"Before that, my feet always get cold in the house during cold weather. I tried tons of flip flop, but most of them are dull and uncomfortable and make my feet pain. After getting the UG™ Fluffy Slipper, I can say my feet get the most comfort that I'd'never experienced before. Most importantly, it keeps my feet warm. If you are looking for a pair of comfort, nice looking slipper, I highly recommend the UG™ Fluffy Slipper." 

 - TIFFANY, Verified Buyer

Have you ever walking barefoot around your house, getting sore and arching feet the next morning? If your answer is yes, you're not alone.

According to podiatrist specialist Dr. Miguel Cunha, walking barefoot on hard surfaces leads our foot to collapse, leading to a tremendous amount of pressure on the foot and the rest of the body.

The solution? Wearing slippers helps protect your feet from the ground and enables you to stay away from foot pain. But regular slippers won't do the job.  Let's meet the UG™ Fluffy Slipper: A sandal that offers you the softest and comfiest sensation. The exciting part? You can feel like you are stepping on the clouds, thanks to the exceptional fluffy design!

Why will the UG™ Fluffy Slipper can change your life?

✅ Relax your foot - The body of the footwear is made with a solid high-density memory foam insole. It supports your foot while walking and providing relaxation after a long day of hard work or travel.

✅ Antislip - The base is made with a solid EVA sole that can protect the floor from scratches. It is waterproof and anti-slip, making sure you won't slip easily when stepping on smooth or wet surfaces. 

✅ Keep your feet warm - Normal slipper won't be able to keep your feet warm when cold weather is striking. The slipper with fluffy faux fur will ensure your feet are in well-protected condition by providing a warm and cozy feel.

✅ Functional - Besides secure your feet indoors, the hard bottom lets you achieve daily tasks like taking out the trash or getting the mail. Doing chores has never been that comfortable.

✅ Breathable - With the open toe box design, you won't get sweaty feet. The only slipper that gives you infinite care from day to night.

✅ Machine washable - Made by ultra-soft faux fur, you can put the slipper into the washing machine and wash it. Get a fresh new looking slipper in a no brainer way.

You use your foot to travel from place to place daily. When you return home, it is crucial to get footwear that provides comfort and protection to your feet after a long day of pressure.

No more dirt or crumbs stick on your foot or step on the painful lego left on the floor by your children. It's time to take care of your feet!

Today, with the UG™  Fluffy Slipper, all of these pains will be gone forever! Your feet will get the soft and comfy feeling like stepping on a fluffy cloud, no more hard and harsh feel to your feet. Try it once, and you will realize that you're missing out on comfort all these year!

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