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I will be buying more for friends and family. The scarf is very beautiful just like in the picture. The colour and the texture is very vibrant soft and warm at the same time! - Mellisa

Winter is coming, and it often brings colds, aches and pains in the shoulders, back and neck area. If you are suffering from this, instead of looking for the high-cost remedy massage, why not consider a stylish, cozy and good looking scarf?

Let's meet the UG™ Luxury Silk Scarf made by 100% Polyester that provided you comfort and warm. Not just that, the beauty of the visual will makes you become the focus in the crowd! It is an all-season scarf that you able to wear it day by day to fit your daily outfit.

Why our Luxury Silk Scarf is your best choice?

✅Keep you warm - Made of soft silk high-quality polyester chosen by our professional tailor, it provides an extremely resistant especially to wind and water which is suitable for cold weather. Besides, it allows you to wick away sweating easily compared to natural fibre to give you a cozy and comfortable feel, which is perfect for people who always involve in high physical activities.

✅Relieve neck pain - Neck is our most vulnerable area in daily life, we sit in front of the screen doing a job, working out, read a book, almost all daily activities require the effort on our neck to function. Our scarf can give your neck the support it needed and relieve the pain.

✅Makes you stand out - Imagine everyone was wearing the same big and thick scarf but you are wearing a stylish, slim, good looking scarf. It will let them think " Where did she get the stunning piece? I wish I had one too!"

✅Improve blood circulation - Our scarf care for the comfort and ease on your neck. The material is slim and soft to prevent your neck feel pressure and tight while wearing it hence increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, easing aches and pains in the neck and shoulder area, while helping to heal damaged muscles.

✅Match with any outfit - The stunning design and lighter weight allow you to match the scarf with any outfit perfectly. No matter with a sweatshirt, hoodie, coat or jacket, you can just wrap this elegant piece around your neck and get the extra beauty looks.

✅Best accessory for all-season - Guess what, you don't have to keep this scarf in your wardrobe like any others until next winter. We designed it in a slim and thin way to let you wear it with your daily attire hence provide your skin with some extra protection.

If you are looking for a scarf to keep you warm during this winter, a good and comfy scarf must in your bucket list. As around 70 % of our total body heat escapes through the head and upper body, our neck becomes like a small radiator, making all our body heat escape through the skin of the throat.

If you are short hair and walk out in the cold without a scarf, you'll feel that chill and icy creeping down the back of your neck and wish you had a scarf on it.

With our UG™ Luxury Silk Scarf, you're not just getting cozy and warm on your neck during the winter months, but also get the enhancement of beauty during the normal days with the stylish and eye-catching design.

Get this Luxury Silk Scarf as the best gift for you or your loved one now!


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