Universe Glows

It all just started with the intention want to spread joy and happiness to the world...


Let me tell you a story. One day, my mom received a photo album that she bought online; without any second thought, she quickly opened the package up, pulled out photos from her purse, and put them in the album. At that moment, her face is instantly filled with a blissful smile, and it keeps on her face the whole day long. The photos are of my grandparents, who are now in a joyful place. I was surprised that a product could bring so much joy and happiness and make a person glow from the heart.

Ideas and Vision

What if I can bring this effect to every person in the world? How is our world looks like if everyone is filled with contentment? That brings me out the idea of “Universe Glows” by creating excellent and high-quality products for everyone, a package full of sincerity delivered to your doorstep, and raising the happiness of you or your loved one. Imagine a necklace to her who is beloved... A cat bed for your fluffy cat... A toy for your adorable kid... or just a gift for yourself.

Our Approach

By gathering the best team member from product sourcing to design, we offer pet and home products for customers’ daily needs. Soon we found out that there are other categories for us to explore and provide our customers the product they desired. We continue to expand our product range to Health, Beauty, Jewelry, Toys, and so on. Whereas there is a demand, we will work hard and get it for you.

Behind the scene

Our mission is to share the precious thing with you and your loved one. From the carefully selected manufacturer to proper quality checking, every step made ensures you will receive the product with a smiley face. We only provide you the product with a great solution, appearance, or makes your life easier. Corporations beyond our company vision and values are not acceptable because we keep our customers in the first place always and forever.
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