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The Froggie™


"Small but lots of fun! Easy to operate, my son could pour the bubble solution and turn the button on himself. His friends joined him immediately, everybody loved it."

 ANNA, Verified Buyer ✅

Hey Mom and Dad! In this busy modern world, do you spend enough time with your kids? According to Jones (2017), showing your love and care to children helps keep their mental and emotionally strong. Besides, children who spend quality time with families are more likely to be physically healthy. Now, what if I tell you there’s one way that will help you to have fun with your kids, and also with the least effort?

Let’s meet the Froggie: An automatic bubble machine with high-speed output. It can blow out more than 500 colorful bubbles per minute and keep your kid entertained. Besides, it is lightweight for you to carry indoor or outdoor use. With this phenomenal toy, you can enjoy a whole new way of fun with your loved one!

frog bubble

How will the Froggie change you and your children's life?

✅ High-speed output - The Froggie is operated by 4 x (AA) battery. It can create a strong output at around 800 bubbles per minute. This can eliminate the boredom for kids because they don’t have to wait for the bubbles anymore!

battery bubble

✅ Silent Motor – With the Froggie, you will not be disturbed by the annoying noises. It will operate in silent mode to ensure your kids can focus at the valuable moment without being disturbed.

✅ Save effort – Feeling tired from work but don’t want to disappoint your kid? With the automatic blowing bubbles, having fun with your kids had never been that easy. Froggie will free your hands while you can still entertain your children!

✅ Lightweight – Froggie is small and lightweight. With the size of 5.12"x 3.9"x 5.5"(inch), you can put it anywhere from indoor to outdoor.

✅ Easy to control – The Froggie is straightforward to operate. Just press the back button, and you will see the bubbles starting to burst out. Easy control, super fun.

✅ Agility trainer – It’s time to get your kids away from the screen and get energetic. With Froggie, your kids will start to chase the bubbles! It’s an excellent way to train your kids' physical health in a fun way!

As parents, we wish to spend more time with children and give them the necessary care; it is crucial for their emotional growth. But sometimes we are tired when back from work. Most of the time, we didn’t show enough caring to them and, they turn to the cellphone or electronic games.

Listen, you can make the changes today. With The Froggie™ bubble machine, you can have the easiest and effortless way of spending quality time with your kids. All you need to do is just put the bubble solution in the Froggie, push the tiny button at the back, and you will see tons of bubbles will blowing out and surround your kids… From that moment, the sound of joy and happiness will start to echo.

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Because the liquid is not allowed to be sent on the plane, the bottle is empty, please refer to the diagram above for making the soapy water.

Battery not included.

Package included: 

1 x The Froggie™ bubble machine

1 x Bubble bottle

Please note: The bubble machine will have built-in music, it will play when the power is on.

 Remember, you don’t risk one penny. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the product, if you don’t feel it gives you the utmost value and satisfactionwe will have your money back 100 % within the 30 days period.


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The Froggie™
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