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"This toy was a huge hit with the kids and adults, I had many adults asking where I got it and wanting one for themselves! I bought it for my 5-year-old but the entire family from age 5-55 enjoyed playing with this little UFO. Our relationship has become more closer since then."

 - ISABELLA, Verified Buyer ✅ 

This time is not an easy year for us; most of the outdoor activities had been affected and, peoples weren’t able to travel around countries. Thus, most people stay indoors, and their favorite activities are watching Netflix, cellphone, or playing digital games. Now, you might think this sounds so amusing but, do you know that the overuse of technology may have a more significant impact on our psychological and physical health, especially on (children and teenagers)?

A study among the 1,787 U.S. adults aged 19–32 years carried by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine (AJPM) found that people with higher social media use were more than three times as likely to feel socially isolated than those who did not use social media as often. This will affect the relationship between families and friends drastically.

Now you might be wondering: So what should I do then? Well, let’s meet the UG™  Mini UFO Drone - A fun and cool toy that you can play in indoor or outdoor, it will eliminate boredom and improve the relationship and health of yourself, friends, and family too!

How will the UG™  Mini UFO Drone change your life?

✅ Improve relationship - Don’t waste time on the tv and cellphone. With UFO Drone, you can play it with your children or friends. It is the best activity for your kids to stay away from the screen and get their bodies moving!

✅ Release Stress - If you have stress or anxiety from work, or your children felt overwhelmed by homework, this Mini UFO will solve them! By seeing it perform auto-hover and  360° rotation flying, you will get excited and slowly forget about the stress!

✅ LED Light - Happiness won't stop even the night has come. The built-in led light will turn this mini drone to look cooler and clear, which means you can keep the game going!

✅ Improve Agility - You’re more likely to become inactive or feel tired if sitting or lying for too long, which will decrease your productivity. The mini UFO will drive you to stand up and move around. Hence, your health and body will become more active!

✅ Safe to play - The mini UFO is made of high-grade ABS material. It is lightweight, flexible, and easy to operate. With the full protection guard, don’t worry your kids to be hurt by it. It is saved to play by all individuals

✅ Eliminate Boredom - Sometimes, you might be bored by looking at Netflix or playing computer games for a long time. Why not move your body by playing the UFO drone? It is your best choice to solve boredom and get you excited. 

✅ Easy to operate -  By tossing the Mini UFO into the air, it will hover automatically, and you can control the direction with your hand. The infrared motion sensors will detect the obstacles and change direction automatically. It is easy to control even for kids.

 Mini and portable - This mini UFO is perfect for most rooms, offices, dorms, and outdoor. Thanks to the small size design, it is ideal for you to bring along while traveling. You can share the joy with the others no matter how far they stay! 

Today, with the fastest-growing technology, our life is surrounded by electronic devices, no matter for work or entertainment. However, it is like a double-edged sword; If we get addicted to technology, it will negatively affect our body health and mind.

Listen: Now it’s the time to stop this from getting worse. It’s time to make the changes and shut off all the distractions that affect your health and relationship. Do you like tiredness after watching a long series of drama? The cherish conversation that you missed with your loved one just because you choose to face the screen? Or, the undesirable body because you always stay on the couch? You had the choice to end the pain by getting the UFO drone.

Here’s some excellent news for you: We are having a discount price for it at just $ 29.95 now, but, it is limited to the first 1000 units only. After that, it will be back to the original price of $59. (The number is going down while you’re reading this paragraph…) 

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