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Our Story

Universe Glows was founded by a simple will that wants to spread joy and happiness to the world. We believe that by providing an excellent product to customers, happiness will glow and shine from their hearts.

Our Family Thought


This is one of my best online shopping experience ever! I am not feeling like being treated as a customer, they treat me like part of the family! Good product and service.
Purchased: Cat Water Fountain

July 26, 2020

Great Value

I am not a frequent online shopper, but Universe Glows really catch my attention by providing good support and great offer for their product. Highly Recommended.
Purchased: Banana Pet Bed

Aug 4, 2020

Wonderful Product

I already owned the Pet Fountain by the same company, but I thought I would give this model a chance, and I’m very glad I did. It’s just as quiet, so quiet that you really wouldn’t realise it’s there apart from the occasional whisper-quiet sound of water hitting the stainless steel tray. Design-wise, it’s an improvement in every way.
Purchased: Pet Water Fountain

Sept 2, 2020

My Favourite Site Always

I am a Jewel Lovers, since I know Universe Glows, my collections are getting many day after day. This is excatly what I needed!
Authentic Jewel Sparking Series

Sept 15, 2020

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